Saturday, 8 May 2021

Entering Into the Perfection of Online Gaming Now

Good numbers of games can be played today on the Internet, scrabble, poker, checkers, chess, racing games, monopoly. The online video game has become a major issue for industries. The global market for video games on the Internet reached nearly $ 1 billion in 2004. This market is expected to double by 2007 to 2.2 billion and the largest companies such as Electronics Arts or Microsoft are investing today considerably in this sector.

sssIn 2002, it was estimated that the number of players in the world, regardless of the platform used, around 430 million or 7% of the world’s population, with online players accounting for a quarter of the total number of players. In France, a CREDOC study revealed that in 2003, 31% of the population aged 12 and over had a home Internet connection, with nearly one in five Internet users having played network games on the Internet while 7% planned to do so soon. On the basis of these figures, the potential market would amount to more than one million people willing to pay to play on the Internet.

Virtual worlds

Among this set of video games that can be practiced on the Internet, is what is called online role-playing games. This type of games is also known as MMORPG, or massively multiplayer games, or virtual worlds. In these games, it’s about creating a character, what we call an avatar.

Further Development

This avatar is defined by encrypted features, an appearance that players can customize, a trade, and will have to evolve and grow in a simulated world. The incarnated character will earn during parts of the experience, equipment, new skills and promotions. Many of the characters that the player will interact with are the avatars of other connected players at the same time. These worlds, and the computer servers that support these virtual worlds, can accommodate several thousand players at the same time. From the Run 3 unblocked you will be able to discover the perfect games. We speak willingly to characterize these games of “persistent” worlds: thus is emphasized the continuity of the universe apart from the presence or not of the players. These universes are thus characterized by a simulation as close as possible to a reference universe, with proposals of cultural immersion more and more diverse. The proposed universes are essentially inspired by:

The laicized History: The universe of reference can be inspired by a precise period of the History. Thus, the game World War 2 Online offers as universe and as period World War II. It is in this game to choose a side (Axis or Allied Forces), a type of character (infantryman, armored driver, airplane pilot, etc.).

Science Fiction: the game Star Wars Galaxies offers to live in the universe of the Star Wars, as in the film saga of Georges Lucas. It is also about choosing a side (“the dark side of the force”, or rebellion), a planet on which one lives, the type of alien that one wants to embody and the craft that the we wish to exercise (craftsman, soldier, mercenaries, “knight Jedi”, etc.)

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