Monday, 12 Apr 2021

FIFA 19 pc guides

In case you are new to FIFA 19 game then you definitely need to read this guide that will assist you to know more about the game.

The FIFA 19 guide will contain all the essential things that you need to know before you start playing FIFA 19 on your PC. Below is the complete guide that you should consider to win some matches.

Keep control

Try to keep more control of the ball during the game. Whenever you see some group of opponents approaching towards you, don’t panics, just keep an eye on their moves and try to give more passes to your team members.

This will help you to maintain control of the match and win some game for your team. So don’t try to run blindly without knowing the tactics of the opponents.

Shot at the target

Whenever you reach near the goalkeeper, try to shoot at the goal that will increase your chances to score more goals.

Don’t try to hit the ball at random position because it is not going to benefit you at all and you will surely fail to score a goal in that condition.

However, you also need to know the position of the goalkeeper. Try to hit the ball in the opposite direction of the goalkeeper, which will increase your chances of getting goals. So before hitting the ball, know your target and hit the ball with full force.

Defense and Attack

Try to know when to attack and when to defend in FIFA 19 game. Understanding the art of defending and attacking may help you to win a lot of game easily.

Whenever you feel that your opponent is playing a defensive game, then try to attack them. Playing a more defensive game usually, cause a loss in most of the matches.

However, if you are having a higher number of goal in comparison to your opponent, then you should play a more defensive game and attack whenever you got a chance to do so.  Other than this guide, below is the requirement that you need to have to play FIFA 19 on your PC.

PC Minimum Requirements

FIFA 19 demand system with high system hardware to run smoothly. However, if you have a lower system requirement, then you will not be able to experience this game on your system.

Below are all the recommended and minimum requirement to run this game smoothly. These requirements will tell whether this game will work on your system or not.

The minimum requirement demands an operating system of Windows to run FIFA 19. A central procession unit of Core i3-2100 3.1GHz or AMD Phenom X 965 @ 3.4 GHz or its equivalent is needed.

 Other than these requirements, your PC should also have 8 GB of RAM. However, FIFA 19 is a heavy game that demands extra hard disk space to store every single file of the game. Your PC should have a minimum of 50 GB of free space to save this game into your computer.

Furthermore, the game also demands a graphics card NVIDIA GTX 46 1GB or AMD Radeon R 260 to run the game without any interruption.

After running FIFA 19, you need to have an analog controller, keyboard, and a mouse to play the game.

You can also play the game online but to do so; you need to have a stronger internet connection. If your PC has anything less than these specifications, then you can’t play this game on your system.

PC Recommended requirements

In case you PC has all the recommended Specs then you will be able to experience all the aspect of FIFA 19 smoothly.

The recommended operating system to play this game is 64 bit Windows OS with a CPU equivalent or Intel i3 6300T. This game demand a video card of NVIDIA GeForce GX 670 or AMD Radeon 270 or its equivalent.

However, you need 50 GB of space in your hard disk drive to store this game. Other than these specs, you need to have some other devices like keyboard, DVD Room, analog controller, and a mouse to install and play FIFA 19.

If your PC has all the recommended requirements, then you can easily enjoy the game without any effort. Either you should have the recommended specs or the minimum specs that are mentioned above.

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